About Us

ParkSend.com is an E-Commerce company that provides a service to complete your shopping experience on On-line Platform in China. As our name ParkSend impplies, our members can "Park" their orders at our warehouse until they decided to "Send" them in consolidation.

Although a young setup, ParkSend is an alliance of industry leaders in E-Commerce, Software Development, Customer Service, Logistic and Warehouse Management with a combined experience of almost 30 years. You can rest assured that you are in good hands.

Service - ParkSend aims to provide the best of service to our members, which we shall achieve with more direct dialogue with responsive mediums that technology can offer for effective and efficient coummications.

Responsibilty - A sense of duty that ParkSend shall adhere and uphold. We shall actively protect and secure our member's property and to step up when our perfomance is not up to expectation.

Speed - A important component in service satistion. We shall work to attain the fastest freight and delivery, but at the same time be mindful of the cost. We aim to find a balance that offers the best value for our members.

And with the above objectives, we humbly seeks your partnership and a chance for you to give us a try. With your generous support, ParkSend shall be become the greatest online shopping experience for you.