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Dear members, this Testimonial and Review Section is now officially open. If we have done well, please share your pleasant experience with us. You are also welcome to share the products that you have purchased! Your feedbacks will help ParkSend to improve, hence providing even better service in the future!

Cathie posted 24/09/2021

They are really good in their support. Benson will help to check for the purchasing and shipping costs as well as provide recommendations. My written Chinese is terrible so it helps that he will provide assistance in finding items and provide recommendations and assistance.

Hi**ki posted 17/09/2021

The service here is definitely the best. Benson is always patience and quick to action when I have questions. Items are well packed and rates are reasonable. They managed to pack my parcel according to the 代言人 haha. I had a good laugh opening them

S**miky posted 10/09/2021

One of the best feature I like about parksend is they have local support, in both English and Chinese. Benson is very helpful to guide me through my doubts and uncertainty when I use this website, from how to set my warehouse address, tracking my items and sending to Singapore.
This shipping service is easy to use, super user friendly. And price is reasonable.

Highly recommended!!

c**ig posted 09/09/2021

Good customer service is rare and knowledgeable customer service is practically a myth in Singapore. ParkSend hits the right spot when it comes to serving their customer. Affordable pricing aside, the customer service really knows their stuff. You can ask them about the more technical details with regards to international shipping and they will give you a satisfying answer from an industry professional perspective. Their forwarding service is of immense value for a hobbyist like me.

Note: Cat not include. That's my cat. Please don't ship cat.

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