What is ParkSend Button?

You can get the ParkSend Button Chrome Extension Here

Introducing ParkSend Button, a Google Chrome Extension that facilitates the usage of ParkSend with shopping in China’s e-commerce websites!

The ParkSend Button Chrome/Edge Extension directly transfers your purchase information to ParkSend Ship-For-Me and Buy-For-Me with just a few clicks and almost NO TYPING! Once installed, it works works in Taobao, TMall, 1688 and JD. Try it to believe! The ParkSend Button Extension drastically elevates the whole shopping and shipping experience!

Before we start, lets take a look at what ParkSend Button what ParkSend button looks like:

In Taobao Item Details Page (suitable for Buy-For-Me)

In Taobao Order Details Page (suitable for Ship-For-Me)


If the above interest you,  click here to install the extension from the Chrome Web Shop. It works for both Chrome and Microsoft Edge and it is free of charge. After installation, make sure that you are logged in at ParkSend before you open a new tab for accessing quite a few China e-commerce websites (Taobao, TMall, 1688 and JD).

The ParkSend Button Chrom/Edge Extension offers a convenience never like before, try it to believe!

Click HERE to see a simple tutorial on how to use the ParkSend Button for in Taobao. 

If you need assistance send a Whatsapp message to our customer service.