Changes to Parcel Change Fee

Let's Prevent Wastage!

Requesting changes to parcel that are "Pending Measurement" and before is FOC!

However, when the parcel is packed & consolidated i.e. "Pending Payment", any changes to the parcel (eg. cancellation, adding, removing, unpacking or merging orders or changing the shipping method etc) shall be subjected to charges according to the number of orders affected.

The rates for parcel changes and cancellation are $3 per parcel, plus $0.50 per order in the parcel. For example, the price of changing or cancelling a packed and weighted parcel containing 3 orders shall be calculated as follows:

    Parcel Change/Cancellation: S$3.00
    Orders Changes: S$0.50 x 3 = S$1.50
    Total: S$4.50

As extra manpower and materials are required for unpacking parcel and re-packing them, this had become a part of operation cost, hence a need for charges. 

We apologise for the inconvenience caused and greatly appreciate your understanding!