Rest days for CNY 2024

The Year of Dragon is Coming!

The China warehouse had announced the rest days for Chinese New Year 2024! Details as follows:


02/02/24(Sea Freight): Half day(Till 11am)
05/02/24(Air Freight): Half Day(Till 11am)

06/02/24(Tue) to 18/02/24(Sun): Close for CNY
19/02/24(Mon): Open as usual

Singapore Delivery

09/02/24(Fri) - Reduced delivery capacity
10/02/24(Sat) to 12/02/24(Mon): Close for CNY
13/02/24(Tue): Back to usual

Whatsapp Customer Service
Open as usual with delayed response

IMPORTANT: Please try to arrange your orders to be consolidated 1-2 days before the CNY holidays as there will probably be a mad rush. Do take note that the warehouse will be close at 11am sharp on 05/02/24(Mon).

ParkSend wishes all members a Happy and Prosperous Dragon Year!

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